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Family Office & Lifestyle concierge

Our private family office concierge serves high-net-worth families and individuals in a capacity outside the scope of traditional wealth management.
From luxury purchases to administrative duties, we offer exclusive hands-on lifestyle advisory services for our clients.

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Beyond Traditional Wealth Management

Lifestyle Services

Our full suite of concierge services caters to each client’s specific needs and preferences outside the scope of traditional wealth management. From reporting to business acquisitions, we alleviate the administrative burden of day-to-day obstacles.

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Philanthropic Planning

Establish a multi-generational legacy that aligns seamlessly with your values and passions. Through a charitable entity or general contributions, we take time to develop a clear strategy to meet our clients’ philanthropic goals.

External Relationship Coordinator

Our dedicated relationship coordinators facilitate interactions with external service providers and advisors, ensuring a seamless and well-coordinated client experience. Our team handles the due diligence process for new and ongoing relationships, whether that includes legal, accounting, or administrative service providers.