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Finally: Atlanta Michelin Guide

By Kelvin Lee, Alonso Munoz

A little background: The Michelin Guide has become the “restaurant bible” in the culinary world. Yes, the guide is owned by the French tire company with its roots going back to the early 1900’s. Over the last 100 years, Michelin inspectors have been reviewing and crowning restaurants and chefs alike for their creativity, uniqueness, and quality of food. In secretive fashion, the inspectors arrive and review restaurants city by city, followed by induction into the Michelin Guide for those who make the cut.

If you are a foodie or world traveler, check the Michelin Guide app for restaurant recommendations, hotels, and thoughtful reviews on all things food.

Ok, since we’re huge foodies in the office, we thought it would be prudent to notify our readers about arguably the biggest culinary news this year for Atlanta, the Michelin guide. Atlanta has been anonymously screened and reviewed by Michelin staff over the past few months, and this evening, Michelin will announce their results at 7:30 PM at the Rialto center downtown.

We feel this has been a long time coming. Smaller cities have had Michelin ratings while Atlanta has sat culinarily “naked” among the eyes of fine diners. Tonight, maybe that will change! As a southern food powerhouse with notable diversity among Duluth and Buford Highway, Atlanta may be on track to have quite a few Bib Gorumands. But the city does have a fine dining scene with Mujo, Atlas, Bacchanalia, and the Lazy Betty being the best contenders for the elusive three stars as speculated by Atlantians. Either way, it’s nice to finally see the city get a proper Michelin review.


A brief overview on scores:

Bib Gorumand: The restaurant offers high quality food at affordable prices (or “best value for money”)


(*): The restaurant is considered “very good in its category” having a quality menu and prepares cuisine to a consistently high standard.


(**): The restaurant has excellent cuisine delivered in a unique way and has something exceptional to offer — it’s “worth a detour” to visit while traveling.


(***): The restaurant has exceptional cuisine and thus “worth a special journey” just to visit.



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